Never give up!

Growing up, my dad encouraged me to try lots of different things and be the best I could be. I really believe I derive my spirit of adventure from him and have since childhood tried all sorts of food, sports, travel, hobbies, activities etc. Swimming was however one sport that I never quite warmed up to. During the summer of 1983, I started learning how to swim and thought I was getting adept at the skill until I decided to show off to my fellow teenage friends. In the process, I started drowning but thankfully, the life guard rescued me in the nick of time. I never got over this experience and fear became a part of me in water. Over the years, I had many opportunities to overcome the fear through lessons but the fear remained, until now! For someone with an adventurous streak, it was a constant source of frustration not to be able to participate in water activities! Beach holidays were a no-no (I once went to Barbados with a friend. While he was scuba diving and Jet skiing, I was reading an adventure book…not fun and suffice to say, was the last beach holiday I ever embarked upon)and lounging by hotel pool (à la business trips) was a big turn off. In an earlier post, I mentioned that this is a ‘New Season‘ for me so everything is up for grabs. After 30 years of learning to swim and not progressing, I decided to give it one last shot! In February, I hired a coach and decided on a crash course (3 days a week) for 4 weeks. It worked! I can now do the ‘breast stroke‘ and the ‘crawl’! It’s amazing what one can achieve when one puts ones mind to it…a lesson in endurance! Now, I swim twice a week and even try different pools just to get used to different sizes and depths; I am also looking forward to my next holiday whether by the beach or poolside 🙂 but most importantly, I can’t wait to get into those sexy bikinis and tankinis sitting at the bottom of my drawer! Will this help me meet my hubby? I don’t know but I am sure having fun while waiting, which is what Jemimah is all about.



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