The Bulge!

I’ve never really thought about my age because of my fitness level due to an active sporting life. However recently the age thing seems to be rearing its ugly head and I’m not sure what to do.

This year has been strange in terms of my weight. I’ve increased and expanded my level of activity, which means that I’m fitter and more toned, but I’m not loosing weight…and trust me, it isn’t about fat turning to muscle! For this reason, I don’t encourage the use of scales, rather I determine my weight by how tightly or loosely my clothes fit. I started this year with the Daniel Fast as part of my church activity. It was a great experience of focusing on God and seeking His will for 2013. Though the fast is typically for 21 days, I decided on a 40 day fast, for personal reasons. At the end of this spiritual journey, I also expected to lose a few kilograms to set me up nicely for the new year…zilch!

RESULT: I was happy spiritually but miserable physically. Off course, I dare not mention this to my friends because they think I have nothing to worry about when it comes to weigh. Never mind that most of them already have children, which makes it an unfair comparison, to start with (I certainly hope I’m as fit as some of them after my kids). I hear remarks like ‘you are fortunate because…you don’t eat much’ (I love food)…’you must have high metabolism’ (true before I turned twenty-five)…’good genes’ (partly true and for that I am grateful). However, I believe it’s a combination of genes and exercise. Most people don’t like to hear the latter bit and I don’t blame them because it can be hard work whether you enjoy your activity or not. Though I engage in active sports, one area that doesn’t benefit from my lifestyle is my stomach.


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Over the years, this has increasingly become an area of concern. I’ve heard people talk about ‘going south’, but nothing about ‘going vertical’! How does one explain that? I’m certainly not pregnant (unless I’ve been blessed with the gift of virgin Mary) and I don’t believe I have anything alien in there. Truth be told, this is a sign of ageing, the lower abdomen bulge. I’ve neglected this area for decades and it has now come home to roost. I just assumed that with my level of activity, the stomach would be taken care of. I have attempted many abs exercises, but never long enough to show significant results. My biggest concern is how to get rid of the bulge before the d-day! Which d-day, you might ask? Is there a man, has he proposed etc? Well, not yet, but no harm in getting prepared. Trust me, I’m not delusional, I expect a big miracle this year because God’s word never fails. When that time comes, I don’t want to be caught stomach down :). Picture this: beautifully toned body in a wedding dress and as you dreamily admire the bride-to-be from head to toe, you are jarringly brought back to reality at the sight of the vertical stomach, never getting the opportunity to see the long flowing legs (cellulite-free) :). Ok, maybe I am delusional, but you get the point.

As a child, I remember mum used to wear girdles…anyone remember those? They were hard and tough to get into…similar to modern-day body magic except there were no guarantees to reduce body size by 2-3 times. (Read a friend’s blog on body magic). I wondered back then why mum put herself through the pain of wearing this contraption, and now I know: gravity descended as age ascended! Since I’m not one for masochistic tendencies, I’ve opted for a more humane, temporary solution, (tummy control), today’s girdle…nice and soft, while figuring out what next :(. Ultimately though, I secretly believe exercise is the solution.