Destiny beckons!

I’ve always believed that the ability to see something and draw it, is a gift, yet more powerful I think, is the ability to imagine something and draw it. As a result, I admire and I’m in awe of anyone who has this gift, particularly the great artists.


Long ago, I gave up hope of ever being able to draw even though I had a longing desire to do so. When it came to even doodling (as most people do during meetings) I sucked! Needless to say, the desire remained. In the advent of iPad, I bought a couple of apps that enable one to express through drawings yet I still sucked, that is until 29th December 2012. I was on Facebook on this fateful day and a friend had posted some drawing on her page, which I liked. Turns out that she used Paper 53! My desire once again overwhelmed my ability or skill and I immediately purchased the app, which is effectively a sketchbook with drawing tools.

I initially did a couple of drawings, which were mediocre at best though they seemed to have some potential. Then on the 1st January, using one of the provided examples in Paper 53, I drew a tree, which actually looked like a tree! I posted this on Facebook and received a number of compliments. This was the beginning of a new thing, a new gift! So far, I’ve received overwhelming commendations from friends as a result of these ‘Inspirational Doodles’. A business idea was emerging!

I am excited and apprehensive about turning this into a business but destiny must have its way…hence the birth of ‘a new venture‘. I’m so excited about the possibilities currently being explored. I’m following my destiny…Watch this space!