Who is Jemimah?

Jemimah was the eldest daughter of ‘Job’ after his trials and the bible says in all the land, no women were as lovely as the daughters of Job.

Jemimah means ‘Dove‘, and signifies peace and new beginnings. The dove mates for life once it has chosen a partner, which symbolises fidelity.

I believe this is a ‘New Season‘ for 35+, unattached women, who would dare to tap into the blessings of Jemimah!

Jemimah is a network with a focus in Africa, that enables you to EXPLORE who you are, FIND love and/or fulfilment, GIVE back and HAVE fun!

We will achieve the above through:

  • Self-development Workshops, Seminars – EXPLORE you
  • Online/Offline Dating and Networking Forums – FIND love
  • Finishing Programme for Teenage Girls – GIVE back
  • Hobbies, Activities, Travelling, Adventure etc – HAVE fun

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